“When we started our project to Hispan TV, we knew we needed to form an international network of professional quality producers who could offer support and confidence in their performance; in Mexico DRAX Produktion, offered us exactly that. And at a very competitive cost!”

Helena Martínez de Aspe

Production Assistant

News Anew TV

London, GB



DRAX was able to meet my work expectations. They are the best choice to work in Mexico. They have good treatment, logistics, equipment and price. It is a great pleasure to work under these conditions! “

Freddy Bedoya

Bader TV News

Hollywood, CA

“We were looking for a company with which we would produce our corporate and internal videos, and DRAX has proven to be the best choice both for quality and cost”

Mr. Yunuén Vergés

AJR Comercio Exterior



DRAX Produktion has proven to be a company that creatively meets our video requirements.”

Rodrigo Perez

Events & Support Coordinator

Oriflame Mexico