Live Events

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in Mexico


Live events usually are a happening in the audience. 
DRAX Produktion take care of anything about technical production and logistics.

In our crew, we have experienced professionals in the mounting field for Live Events. Production services as Stages, Lighting, Sound,
Led screens and Television close circuit, are our strong arm.

No matter the size or nature of your event,
we always like to know how to give you, what are you looking for.
 Let us share ideas and solutions to you,
and surely our budget will convince you!
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Live Filmings
  1. Lacrimosa - Live in Mexico City
    Trailer for the outstanding filming of a Goth Metal concert ever! The German band Lacrimosa, choose Mexico City to get this thrilling images.
  2. Mago de Oz - Diabulus in Opera
    The group & orchestra´s concert more important of the last years! Spaniard´s Mago de Oz and their Diabulus in Opera production, live in Mexico City! DRAX Produktion cameras shoot them!
  3. Lola Club - Homónimo II - En vivo desde el Lunario.
    Lola Club is a young Reggae band from Mexico, their recent success motivates them to film one of their remarkable shows. DRAX Produktion, film them!
  4. Nightwish - The Poet and the Pendulum
    Nightwish is definitely the best Symphonic Metal band in the world. In their latest visit to Mexico, their producer calls us for film their concert, for a special show of the Finnish Television, and one of the tracks were included on their DVD's release Vehicle of Spirit.