1.- I have a project to do in Mexico, what props can DRAX provide me with? 

We can provide the equipment, the crew and all types of logistics support, consultation and coordination on any audiovisual project in Mexico. This will generate savings in your production costs and greater security your project.


2.-Can you do a project for us, even if we do not go to Mexico?

Of course. In fact, we have developed this scheme with various agencies.


3.-Which types of video formats do you use?

It all depends on customer requirements. Although the most common are 4K and Full HD.


4.- Do you produce TV programs?

Sure, in fact we have done several, including “Necesito una Amiga” for UNIVISION, “Palco Deportivo” for Fox Sports and “Somos UNO” para Hispan TV.


5.- Dou you rent video and/or audio equipment?

We service image lifting and sound events. So we can ensure the quality of service.


6.- Specifically what does DRAX Produktion?

We specialize in audiovisual production, make films and video recording, post produce, make 3D animations, while providing sound, lighting and projection services for the events.

7.- Do you recorded concerts?

Of course. Our experience includes German bands  Haggard and Lacrimosa, also X Japan (recorded with 16 FullHD cameras). In addition, other international bands such as Nightwish (Finland), Helloween (Germany), Moonspell (Portugal) WarCry (Spain), Junsu (Korea) and Symphony X (USA), among others.


8.- What kind of events do you produce?

Any, although we specialize in corporate events.


9.- How much is the cost for aerial recordings?

The cost of this type of production varies depending on the time needed to be in the air and the device used (Dron, helicopter, ultralight, etc.).


10.- Where are you located and where in the country do you render your services?

Our offices are located in Mexico City, but we service anywhere in the country, even abroad.


11.- For which companies outside of Mexico have worked?

For several companies and international agencies such as Deutsche Welle (GERMANY), Golden Era (USA), Hispan TV (Iran), Rede Record TV (Brazil) and Waxworks (CAN).

12.- Do you have a sample of your work online?

Yes, you are welcome to visit us at:


W: www.draxproduktion.com

FB: www.facebook.com / draxproduktion


Tw: @draxproduktion

IG: www.instagram.com/draxproduktion

V: https://vimeo.com/41744245






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